How This Social Media Starlet Became One Of The Biggest Names On YouTube

Gabbie Hanna, aka The Gabbie Show, is a former Viner turned YouTube star. Her content has evolved from six-second skits to hilarious storytimes and collaborations. She’s quickly become a major name in the YouTube community.

Here’s how social media starlet Gabbie Hanna became one of the biggest names on YouTube.

1. She got her start on another trendy platform.

Social media trends are as changing as the winds. When Gabbie first began creating online video content, she posted exclusively to Vine. However, as her career began to take off, she expanded her social media reach by creating a YouTube channel.

It may be easier to get your social media career started on a smaller platform than YouTube. Now, many social media icons are finding fans on Instagram and before moving to YouTube.

This video of Gabbie and fellow former Vine queen Liza Koshy reacting to their old Vines got an astounding eleven million views.

2. She went to work for a media company.

As her social media career began to take off, Gabbie decided to get more involved with the media industry itself. She worked for Buzzfeed in London, where she was in the video department.

Check out one of the videos that Gabbie made during her time with Buzzfeed.

3. She’s upfront and honest with her viewers.

No matter what, Gabbie just wants to make her viewers laugh. She does this by sharing her own most embarrassing and cringeworthy stories. When a story sounds too ridiculous to be true, she also brings the receipts.

Here’s one of Gabbie’s most unbelievably crazy storytimes.

The Gabbie Show is a great example for any aspiring social media star to follow. From six-second vines to eleven million YouTube views, she’s certainly at the top of her game.

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