How To Get More Super Chats During Your YouTube Lives

Super Chats and Super Stickers are designed to help creators monetize their YouTube Live streams. Fans can pay a set amount to send premium messages that are highlighted in the live chat. The more they pay, the longer their message stays at the top of the chat, and the more likely you are to see it before it disappears. It’s a win-win situation for fans who want a notice from their favorite creators and creators who need to monetize their live streams.

Here’s how to get more Super Chats during your YouTube Lives.

1. Only respond to premium messages.

During a YouTube Live, most viewers post in the chat for one of two reasons. Either they want to talk to each other, or they want to talk to you. Many of your fans post questions for you in the chat, but you probably won’t be able to get to them all.

The simplest way to encourage your viewers to send more Super Chats is to only respond to messages sent through Super Chat. If your fans see that you’re more likely to respond to their question if it’s sent via Super Chat, then they’ll be more likely to submit questions via Super Chat. Be sure to give more than a one-word answer, though. Give each Super Chat a substantive response.

2. Have a special catch phrase, dance, etc. to celebrate each Super Chat.

You can also get more Super Chats by turning each one into a mini celebration. It doesn’t have to be anything super elaborate. For example, you could come up with a special catchphrase that you say every time you get a Super Chat. You could come up with multiple catchphrases, one for each different level of Super Chats or for each different Super Sticker.

Alternatively, you might mix it up with a dance move, a jingle, or an animation. You could also turn it into a challenge. For example, you might add a pebble to a jar for every Super Chat, and when the jar is full, you’ll do a special live stream, such as a collab or a gaming stream.

3. Thank the fans who send Super Chats and Super Stickers by name.

Each Super Chat your viewers send should warrant a shout-out. To make it even more meaningful, don’t just answer their question. Thank them by name (or username) when you acknowledge their messages.

You can also shout-out some of the users who sent Super Chats in your next video. During the stream, write their usernames down. Then, before you film, draw a few names at random and thank them on-camera for being such dedicated supporters of your channel.

The more Super Chats you get during a YouTube Live, the more money you’ll earn. Encourage your fans to send more premium messages by giving more attention to Super Chats than the rest of the chat.

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