How To Network With Creators Whose Platforms Are Bigger Than Yours

No matter how big your audience is, there are probably several creators you admire who have bigger audiences. Collaborating with a big-name creator would be a dream-come-true for many vloggers. One of the best ways to make that happen is to start by networking. However, you can’t always just send them a DM or have a friend introduce you.

Here’s how you can network with creators whose platforms are bigger than yours.

Attend events and conventions that are designed for creators.

There are all kinds of YouTube-based events and conventions, such as Vidcon and Playlist Live. Oftentimes, these events have two different tracks you can pick from when purchasing tickets. The general track is designed for fans who want to meet their favorite creators, watch panels, and shop for merch. The creator track, on the other hand, is designed for vloggers who want to meet other vloggers and learn best practices for improving their craft.

You should try to find local events with creator tracks. If there aren’t any such events within a reasonable distance, then you might plan a trip or vacation around an event you’d like to attend in another region. If you’re unable to travel, then you could plan your own local meet-up for creators.

Sign up for workshops and panels led by bigger creators.

Sometimes, people who’ve made a career out of creating content will host workshops to teach other aspiring YouTubers what they’ve learned. They might also speak on panels, teach classes, or give talks at events. Attending these workshops and other speaking engagements can be a great way to connect with the creators who are leading them as well as other people with similar interests.

Depending on where you live, you may not be able to find a lot of in-person workshops or classes. However, you can search for online classes, live stream workshops, and social media Q-and-As. Check your favorite creators’ websites or the YouTube Space site for upcoming events.

Join group chats, Facebook groups, and forums for YouTubers.

You don’t have to wait for scheduled events to start networking with other creators online. There are plenty of spaces on the internet that are dedicated to creators connecting with each other and helping each other grow. You just might have to search a little harder to find them.

Start by asking your creator friends if they’re part of any YouTuber-specific group chats or Facebook groups you could join. You can also search for groups yourself on Facebook and Clubhouse. If you’d be interested in joining a forum, search Reddit for subreddits specific to creators or your content niche.

The right connections can lead to collabs with the very creators who inspired you to start your channel in the first place. Start networking with other YouTubers through events, workshops, and forums.

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