Common Video Mistakes Creators Make And How To Fix Them

No creator is perfect. Even vloggers who’ve been uploading videos for over a decade may still be making the same mistakes they did in the beginning of their career. They might not even realize they’re making them.

Here are a few common video mistakes creators make and how to fix them.

Problem: You’re letting your series drag on too long.

Maybe you had a video that did so well you decided to turn it into a series, or maybe you had an idea that you decided to breakdown into several videos. Your series probably performed well at first, and you may feel like it’s become a staple on your channel. However, you may unintentionally be turning viewers away with repetitive, tired content.

Solution: Pay attention to your video metrics to know when it’s time to end a series.

Your series might not be performing as well now as it did when you first started it. Compare the metrics from your last few episodes to earlier ones. If there’s a significant dip in viewers or watch time — especially compared with other recent uploads on your channel — then it may be time to retire the series.

You should also read through the comments on a few recent episodes of your series. Are your viewers loving it and asking for more, or are they complaining and suggesting different video ideas? Let their opinions be the deciding factor in how long your series continues.

Problem: You aren’t linking your videos together to increase watch time.

You’ve probably heard that YouTube rewards channels that can keep viewers on the platform for long periods of time. In your videos, you might tell your viewers to check out the other videos on your channel. However, if you don’t link them to those videos directly, then you probably aren’t directing as many of them to your previous uploads as you think.

Solution: Use playlists, info cards, and your end screen to link related videos together.

There are several features within YouTube Studio that make it easy to link related videos together. The easiest to use is playlists. You can group together videos however you like then share the link in the descriptions of other videos or on your channel’s home page. Within each video, you can link to other videos through info cards and your end screen. You can even put playlists in your end screen.

Problem: You aren’t sure how to end your videos, so it ends up feeling awkward or abrupt.

You’ve got your intro down, and your transitions flow seamlessly. However, when you get to the end screen, you aren’t sure how to wrap things up. Maybe you ramble until it cuts off, or you awkwardly try to direct your viewers towards another video.

Solution: Come up with a catchy outro.

You need an outro just as much as you need an intro. Come up with something catchy and snappy, even if it’s just a cheerily drawn out “goodbye!” Repeat your call-to-action by reminding your viewers to subscribe, turn on post notifications, and check out your previous upload.

Oftentimes, creators make common mistakes without even realizing it. However, solutions are often easy and will actually be better for your channel in the long run.

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