How to Get More App Installs

The app that you’ve worked so hard to develop could be the next Flappy Bird. However, getting your app off the ground requires a good promotion strategy.

Here’s how to get more app installs.

1. Create a YouTube video to serve as your own commercial.

Rather than shelling out the big bucks for a TV spot, why not create a viral video of your own? Publishing a YouTube video is a free and easy way to reach millions of potential users. You can give a great preview of your app as well as take advantage of the massive SEO opportunities that YouTube offers.

If you don’t want to create your own video, consider sponsoring a few popular YouTubers the way Line Play did.

2. Launch in a country with a smaller market.

While the US and Canadian app markets tend to be dominated by big name developers, smaller countries such as Ireland with less competition often give new developers a better chance for higher rankings.

If you want to launch your app in a foreign market, you may need to set up your app store page to display in multiple languages.

3. Host a Facebook contest.

In order to participate in a contest, more than a third of Facebook users will like a brand’s page, according to Buffer. If you want to get more interaction on your Facebook page, host a giveaway.

Encourage users to like a certain post or share a specific picture in order to win gift cards, books, or app store credits. Mix in plenty of ads for your app such as reviews, promotional art, and video clips that will appear in their feeds.

Watch this video to learn how to host a successful Facebook giveaway.

More app installs are only a few steps away. Follow these tips to promote your app to plenty of potential users.

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