What Every Aspiring Artist Should Know About Getting Music Lessons

Whether it is a parent trying to get their child to expand their interests or an adult who wants a new hobby in his or her life, there are many people who want to learn how to play music.

Nevertheless, in trying to get music lessons, people should keep several things in mind as they look for someone to teach them.

1. The one-on-one approach is best.

Anyone can learn music in a class, surrounded by at least thirty other people, while being led by his or her teacher. However, the prospective student is likely to learn a lot more from a teacher who gets to know him or her personally, observes his or her technique carefully, and provides specific advice suitable to his or her needs.

2. Make sure the teacher is experienced.

There are teachers out there who are only slightly more knowledgeable than their students. A sign of a quality teacher is his or her complete familiarity with the material.

For example, a piano teacher should be able to offer an explanation for every music term related to the piano in order to make proper suggestions about technique.

3. The teacher demands practice for a reason.

After the lesson is over, the student will likely go home and be told to practice his or her instrument for at least an hour a day (or more).

Practicing on a daily basis not only strengthens a student’s familiarity with his or her instrument, but it prepares him or her for the next lesson, which will build on that foundation to teach new skills to the student.

Learning music can be equal parts fun and hard work. The hard work can seem almost insurmountable, which is why a good teacher is necessary for learning music to be not only possible but also enjoyable. Any aspiring music student should keep in mind the need for a suitable teacher.

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Kevin Kwon is a recent graduate from UC Berkeley, currently 23 years old. He works in San Francisco and hopes to continue in the graduate studies regarding the field of psychology.

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