Why Native Video Ads Are Better Than Pre-Roll

When it comes to advertising with video, you have a lot of options. Two of the most popular video marketing strategies are native video ads and pre-roll ads. However, the question that many video marketers ask themselves is this: which method is best?

Here are a few reasons why native video ads are better than pre-roll ads.

1. Native advertising shows higher brand lift.

In a study done by Sharethrough and Neilsen, five major advertisers found that when they served the same creative message through both native video and pre-roll ads, native advertising showed higher brand lift across each and every campaign.

This means that the native video campaigns increased consumers’ interaction with the brand more than the pre-roll ads did. The consumers who saw the native videos increased in positive perception of the brand.

Here’s a more thorough explanation of what native video means for advertisers.

2. Native advertising facilitates engagement.

Whereas a pre-roll ad will simply run like a television commercial, a native video ad will involve your consumers in a story. Rather than focusing on specific products or services, native videos aim to educate or entertain viewers.

Because a native video is more than just an ad, viewers will share it. They may also respond via social media or visit your company website for more information.

In 2013, Microsoft advertised its latest Internet Explorer update with this nostalgic native video ad. It received almost 50 million views.

3. Native video ads aren’t limited to 30 seconds.

Most advertisements run about a minute long. In a pre-roll ad, the pressure is on to get your message across as quickly as possible. However, because a native video ad doesn’t have a specific time limit, you can take more time to form a connection with consumers before delivering your advertising message.

Native video ads can do more than just advertise. You can take a few minutes to educate viewers on the history of your product, entertain them with a sketch starring your spokesperson, or explain the mission behind your latest campaign.

Rimmel London creates a lot of great native ads in the form of makeup tutorials featuring its latest products.

Native video advertising is one of the best ways reach your consumers. Rather than advertising at them with a pre-roll ad, try making a connection through a native video ad.

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