How to Get College Students to Share Your Music

Catering to college students is a great way to build your audience. College students enjoy all kinds of music and are likely to share their favorite new music with friends. With campuses growing each year, there’s an endless amount of exchange students and active music listeners sharing their interests.

Here are a few tips to get college students to start listening to your music.

1.  Visit your alma mater or local colleges.

If you graduated from college, it can definitely be used to your advantage. Colleges love when their alumni return and share their experiences with students. If you are rising as an artist, you can share your college adventures and where life took you after college, leading up to your current position in music. If you did not attend college, no worries! There are many college events that you can offer to be a part of as well as professors who are willing to include you in their lesson.

2. Play at open mic night.

Many colleges have different events that are free to all students. Take the time to stop by a college town and look for their open mic nights. You will be able to share your music to a large young crowd that enjoys supporting new musicians. Don’t forget to introduce yourself, hand out business cards with links to your social media accounts, and give out free CDs. Make the crowd remember you.

3. Collaborate with college organizations.

College students love being a part of different clubs to share their interests. Find college organizations that are centered on music or are planning events that will need a musical guest. If you know a college student, ask them to inform you about upcoming student events. Students are typically amongst the first people to know about fresh faces in music.

Getting college students to listen to your music can give you a great following. Take advantage of the tips listed above and you are sure to have a bigger and broader audience on various college campuses.

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Ashley Reed grew up in Detroit, Michigan and attends Michigan State University. She enjoys writing creative pieces, creating YouTube videos and entertainment news.

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