4 Things to Consider Before Posting on Social Media

Social media has changed the landscape of how people communicate. Now the world is more connected than ever, so it’s best to post with caution.

Accounts should stay business-friendly and represent the artist in a positive light. Here are four things to consider before posting on social media.

1. Consider the audience.

It’s important to know your demographic. This includes their age, what part of the country they live in, the music they’re currently listening to, etc.

It’s better to know who you’re talking to so the message can be curated to their tastes. The more you know about the audience, the easier it will be to gain their support and appeal to their likes.

2. Think before posting.

Is the purpose of the post to promote your content or personal opinion? If it’s the latter, consider texting it to a friend. Explore pages allow us interact with people we normally wouldn’t. If an influencer is offended by that post, the business opportunity could be squandered.

Be mindful and stay neutral on controversial topics. Your video content should always be the message.

3. Consider the presentation.

First impressions are important. A content creator should appeal to as many demographics as possible, so attire should be family friendly, and posts should contain minimal cursing.

Presentation is key, and a new video maker who’s respected will also be shared among and listened to by a bigger audience.

4. Consider who you support.

Don’t support questionable causes. Consider the audience and who could possibly be offended. Even if you aren’t personally bothered, a follower might be. Always think of them.

Don’t support controversial businesses or protest your opinion so loud that it overpowers the content of your videos. New content creators will be judged, and it should be for their talent first, not personal opinions.

Don’t change yourself for anyone. Upcoming content creators looking for opportunities should appeal to all markets. The foundation of one’s career can be torn apart by an innocent post or by offending the wrong person.

Stay neutral while you find your place in the industry, and once you are a mega star you’ll have the freedom to post what you want. Just be patient!

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Jaymee Rayford has a Bachelor of Arts degree in public relations. She has an eclectic music taste that ranges from 90’s rap to EDM, even some classical gregorian chant. She’s currently focused on pop culture journalism and breaking into the entertainment industry.

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