How To Engage Your Viewers With Shout-Outs

Everyone loves to get attention on social media, especially when it’s from one of their favorite influencers. When you acknowledge your viewers, they get excited. A simple hello can make your follower’s day. Many viewers will be more willing to watch or comment on a video if it increases their likelihood of getting a shout-out.

Here’s how to engage your viewers with shout-outs.

1. Shout-out someone from the “notification squad.”

Whenever a new YouTube video is uploaded, the first comments will often be “notification squad!”. These commenters are the loyal subscribers who have that channel’s post notifications turned on.

To encourage more subscribers to turn on your post notifications, give special shout-outs to these commenters. Vlogger Natalies Outlet gives a shout-out to a notification squad poster in the beginning of every video.

2. Choose a viewer of the week in every video.

You can encourage viewer engagement by giving shout-outs to subscribers who interact with your social media often. Choose an especially active follower to acknowledge in each new video.

Gabbie Hanna heads to Instagram to choose her “Showstopper of the week” at the end of every video.

3. Create videos based on viewer engagement.

You can get all of your viewers involved by creating videos that focus on their social media engagement. You can read comments, take dares, or try out things that your viewers suggest.

AmazingPhil turned to his Twitter followers for outfit suggestions, and he turned their responses into a video.

Shout-outs get your viewers excited. By making them a part of your video, you’ll keep your viewers engaged.

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