3 Tips For Talking Into A Camera

One of the most important parts of being a successful YouTuber is having confidence on camera. However, not everyone can look into the lens and still act naturally. Don’t worry, though. With enough practice and a few tips, you, too, can be confident and comfortable on camera.

Here are three tips for talking into a camera.

1. Make eye contact with the lens.

Imagine that the camera is your audience. Don’t look at yourself in the viewfinder. Rather, make eye contact with the people who are watching you. Keep your head straight and look ahead. That way, when your viewers watch your videos, they’ll feel like you’re talking directly to them.

When Lisbug films a video, she keeps her attention focused on the audience. The result is a comfortable, natural presence on camera.

2. Practice speaking into a mirror.

If you worry about how you’re going to look on camera, then you should rehearse each video before you film it. Practice speaking into a mirror, going through the motions of the video.

This is a common way that people overcome their fear of public speaking.

3. Don’t be afraid to mess up.

The most important thing to remember when you’re talking into a camera is that it’s okay to mess up. You can always start over, edit out your flubs, or turn your mistakes into something funny.

You can even save the mistakes you edit out to create a blooper video later.

Talking into a camera is an important part of your job as a YouTuber. Follow these tips to make it as comfortable and natural as possible.

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