The 4 Things You Should Be Doing When Uploading A New YouTube Video

Good YouTube SEO starts with your video’s metadata. When you use the right keywords in the right places behind-the-scenes, your video will be more likely to reach your target audience.

Here are the four things you should be doing when you upload a new YouTube video.

1. Give the file a descriptive name before you upload it.

One of the first places you can fit keywords is in the name of the video file you upload. When you export your video file, tack a few keywords onto the end of the file name after the video’s title.

You can also hide keywords in the file name for your custom thumbnail. Be sure to give your video a keyword-rich title as well.

2. Make your video description at least two hundred words.

The best place to put keywords is in your video’s description. By writing a description that’s at least two hundred words long, you’ll give yourself plenty of room to add in keywords without just listing them.

The longer your description is, the more keywords you can use. However, be sure to concentrate on the kind of keywords that your target audience will be searching for, not just popular or trending topics.

3. Use strong tags.

Choose your strongest keywords as your tags. Then, enter every variant of those tags that you can think of. Add related keywords as tags to help you reach more of your target audience.

For example, if you were uploading a beauty video, one of your keywords may be “lipstick.” Your tags could also include “lipsticks,” “liquid lipstick,” “MAC,” and “Kylie Lip Kit.”

4. Choose your category wisely.

Finally, before uploading your new video, make sure you choose the proper category. This will help potential viewers find your content in relation to similar videos.

Check in the descriptions of videos similar to your own to figure out what category yours belongs in.

Before uploading a new video, make sure you have the metadata set for SEO. Follow these tips to help your videos reach new people.

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