7 Ways To Keep Your Channel Growing

So that great video idea you had turned into a viral hit. Now you’ve gained a ton of new viewers all at once. The sudden boom in subscribers is great, but it isn’t likely to happen with every single video.

When it comes to growing your channel, consistent, steady growth is the best course of action. If you can keep gaining new subscribers every month, then you’ll hit milestone after milestone without plateauing your growth.

1. Encourage viewers to share your video in your call-to-action.

In the end of your video, you probably remind your viewers to like, comment, and subscribe. How often do you remember to ask them to share your video, too?

Viewers may not realize that they can share your videos directly from YouTube, using a button right next to the like button. Encourage your viewers to share your video on social media in the call-to-action.

2. Participate in video trends.

When a video trend circulates through the YouTube community, viewers often hop from one version of the trend to another. YouTube’s ranking algorithm also suggests videos similar to ones users have shown interest in.

Next time you find yourself hooked on a video trend, consider participating in it, too. Even if your feed feels oversaturated with similar videos, never underestimate the power of a viral video trend.

3. Cater to your target demographic.

In order to keep your audience growing, you should try to reach more viewers who are similar to the subscribers you already have. That’s why it’s important to know your target demographic.

If you’re unsure of who your target demographic is, then you can learn how to identify it in the video below.

4. Alter your social media promotion strategies for different platforms.

The way you interact with your online audience differs from platform to platform. Therefore, the way you promote your videos should also differ from platform to platform.

Try different strategies, such as posting at different times and using different hashtags. For example, while sharing your video link on your Instagram story a few days after you upload may help you reach more viewers, sharing the same link on Twitter at the same time may not be as successful. See what works best for each platform and continue those practices.

5. Create more evergreen content.

Oftentimes, viewers find new vloggers to watch through their older videos. The more evergreen content you have for these potential viewers to discover, the better.

Instead of seasonal content, focus on creating videos that viewers can enjoy all year long. You can still create holiday-themed videos, but most of your videos should be evergreen.

6. Allow viewers to submit captions and subtitles.

YouTube is a global phenomenon. Viewers from all across the world can enjoy your content even if they don’t speak the same language as you if you allow other viewers to submit translated subtitles.

YouTube makes it easy for users to submit subtitles and captions for all kinds of videos. Share this video with your viewers when you ask them for help translating your videos.

7. Get involved with the YouTube community offline.

Finally, many viewers find new creators to watch by checking out the channels run by the friends of their current favorites. For example, many creators who are members of the Vlog Squad grew their own audiences through reaching their friends’ audiences.

Document the time you spend with other influencers in vlogs and on social media. Be sure to tag them and comment on any posts they make about you.

To keep your channel growing at a consistent rate, focus on reaching your target demographic and creating shareable content.

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