How To Attract Potential Video Sponsors On Social Media

Sponsored videos are a great source of income for content creators, enabling them to create more ambitious projects without worrying about AdSense money. If you’re looking for sponsors to work with, then social media is the best place to start. By reaching out to your favorite brands online, you just may land the sponsorship of your dreams.

Here’s how to attract potential sponsors on social media.

1. Tag brands you love in Instagram posts.

Instagram is home to many sponsored posts. All kinds of influencers are paid to post a picture with vitamins or detox tea and tell their followers how much they love it. The companies selling these products know which influencers to work with because they post about similar products or topics already.

In order to get a brand’s attention, post a picture with their products and tag them. In the caption, write about why you love the product and how you use it in your daily life. Direct your followers to where they can order one of their own. Be sure to include any relevant hashtags representatives from the brand might be searching.

Beauty vloggers often tag the brands they’re wearing in their Instagram posts. Here, Australian makeup vlogger Michelle Crossan tagged one activewear company she loves and several activewear companies she’s considering trying.

2. Tweet about the products you like.

Another good way to get a brand’s attention is to tweet about the products you love. If it’s a less photogenic product, such as a mop rather than a lipstick, then tweet about it rather than posting an Instagram picture. Create a thread about why you love the product or the company and reply to followers who ask related questions. Be sure to mention the company in every tweet.

When a viewer asked British vlogger Louise Pentland about a mop she’d mentioned in a recent video, Louise quickly replied with the name of her favorite mop.

3. Feature their products in videos.

To really show that you’re loyal to a brand, feature its products in a regular video. Even though it’s not sponsored, talking about why you love certain products shows companies that you have the platform to promote their stuff and an audience willing to listen.

Favorites videos are an easy way to showcase several products you love at once. These videos are typically made by beauty vloggers, but the idea isn’t limited to only that community. For example, British comedy vlogger Phil Lester made a favorites video to share the things he’d been loving with his audience.

In order to attract potential sponsors, start talking about the products you love on social media. Tag brands to get their attention and interact with questions from followers to show the companies how receptive your audience is to promotional posts.

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