How To Create The Perfect Video Intro

The intro is the very first part of a video each and every viewer sees. When it comes to turning casual viewers into new subscribers, that first impression is everything.

Here’s how to create the perfect video introduction.

1. Start with a hook.

Like the prologue of a well-written novel, your video introduction should give viewers a glimpse into the future of the video. This opening should give your viewers a preview of what they’re about to watch.

Pull a clip from somewhere in the middle and use it to open the video. This clip could be funny, confusing, heartbreaking- anything that stirs up emotion.

Vlogger Joey Graceffa often opens his videos with a crazy clip from the climax of the video. In order to figure out what’s so funny, his viewers just have to keep watching.

2. Incorporate your channel logo.

The next step in creating the perfect video intro involves branding your channel. Incorporating your channel logo will create a sense of continuity throughout all of your videos.

There are a few different ways to incorporate your channel logo into your video intro. For example, many beauty vloggers have animated intros that are made to look like their profile pictures. Other vloggers simply put their channel names on the screen for a few seconds.

Makeup artist James Charles opens every video with an animated version of his channel logo.

3. Include a call-to-action.

Perhaps the most important part of your video intro is the call-to-action. This is when you’ll tell your viewers to like the video, leave a comment, and subscribe to your channel.

For your call-to-action, you can get as creative as you want to. For example, beauty vlogger Laura Lee sings the “subscribe song” before she starts each video.

The perfect video intro will leave a lasting impression on every new viewer who crosses your channel. Make that first impression count.

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