How To Start Daily Vlogging

Daily vloggers are some of the most successful people on YouTube. Viewers love being able to connect with their favorite creators every single day, and these creators love sharing their daily lives with their audiences.

There are many content creators who post daily vlogs alongside other content. Here’s how you can start daily vlogging, too.

1. Test the waters via Snapchat or Instagram stories.

Before you start uploading a new vlog everyday, you should experiment to see how your audience will respond to the change. Take a day to document your full day on social media. Make use of the story features on Snapchat and Instagram.

These platforms allow you to see how many of your followers watched your story. Run this test for a few days in a row and check the view count at the end of the day. If these numbers are close to the number of views you’d expect to get on a video, then it’s time to start daily vlogging.

2. Consider starting a second channel specifically for daily vlogging.

Most daily vloggers keep their vlogs separate from their main channel content. They create secondary accounts specifically dedicated to daily vlogging. This keeps their content organized and helps them grow an audience on both channels.

For example, Colleen Ballinger, the creator behind Miranda Sings, runs three separate YouTube channels. She has her original channel, Miranda Sings. She also has her personal channel, PsychoSoprano, and her daily vlogging channel, Colleen Vlogs.

3. Turn your smartphone into a vlog camera.

You don’t need a fancy, expensive camera to start vlogging. In fact, you’ve already got a high-quality camera on hand. With just a few accessories, you can turn your smartphone into a professional vlogging camera.

The front-facing camera is the most important aspect of your new vlogging set-up. To ensure that you’re seeing exactly what your audience will see, keep your screen clean. If it’s cracked, get it fixed. Additionally, you should get an add-on lense and an attachable microphone.

4. Make the announcement in a main channel video.

Before you start uploading daily vlogs, you need to let your subscribers know what’s going on. Slide the announcement into a main channel video so that your current audience can find your new videos quickly and easily.

You can also make an entire main channel video dedicated to your announcement. Share clips from upcoming vlogs, ask what they want to see, or even run a giveaway for viewers who subscribe to your daily vlogging channel.

Daily vlogging is a great way to connect with your audience on a more personal level. Start your journey to becoming a daily vlogger with these tips.

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