How To Create Sensational YouTube Video Titles

One of the things that can make or break a YouTube channel is the attention you pay to the titles of your videos. If they are worded correctly and labeled correctly, then the video’s success can skyrocket.

Here are a few tips for creating successful video titles.

1. Do some keyword research.

It is important to know which niche, or category, your video falls into. Is it a DIY tutorial, music cover, original song, or a prank? The list goes on and on. Google the popular keywords that are used on videos that match the category.

Google Adwords is a great search engine that can help you choose a synonym that has higher search volumes. This helps one choose a proper keyword to use to a video, without being standard.

This video shows how to use Google Adwords to find appropriate keywords.

2. Use the term “video” in the title.

This is a surprisingly easy trick. Most search engines look for sites first before looking for videos. Adding the word “video” to the title of the video will help put your video on top of the queue. It is a simple trick to use and yet very effective.

Don’t fret if the title or description have been poorly written. YouTube allows for changes to videos at any time, even after it has been published.

This video shows how to change the title and description of a video after it has already been published.

3. Be as descriptive as possible.

There are numerous videos out there that have “Great Tricks,” “Awesome,” or “Great” in the titles. This doesn’t necessarily mean that the video has anything to do with these monikers.

If you’re doing a tutorial, put it in the title! If you’re compiling a group of funny videos, put compilation in the title. If you’re doing something involving music, say it in the title! The more descriptive and to the point the title can be, the more likely it will be accessed by a random search.

This video gives some examples of titles that are good and bad and how to fix them.

4. Research your content’s niche.

Research is a very important aspect to succeeding on YouTube. To make a title that is eye-catching and will bring on a lot of subscribers, do some research!

Research other videos that are common with your video. Look at titles of viral videos versus those that have low view rates. What do you notice about them? Write a title that emulates the more popular videos and it will help keep your video from being bottom of the queue.

This video looks at selecting viral titles for a YouTube video.

Creating a title doesn’t have to be a hassle. Using these four simple steps can help you create a workable video title that can help increase traffic to your YouTube channel.

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