6 Types of Popular Videos Every Content Creator Can Make

YouTube is a website that hosts so many videos that popularity can be found in any kind of video posted. One of the channels on the website is Popular on YouTube, which hosts recent videos with the most views.

Here are some of the categories and genres the channel displays that your own video can be a part of.

1. Funny videos appeal to a wide audience.

Today’s Funniest Clips is a category where videos that are seen as the funniest by viewers are placed. People who feel that their parodies of their favorite series or characters are witty can find an attentive audience.

An example here is from the series Epic Rap Battles of History, which pairs fictional and real-life characters in rap battles.

2. Trivia videos appeal to the curiosity in every viewer.

In the category That’s A Good Question, the videos deal primarily with trivia and obscure facts. These are more academic kinds of videos and are most suited to people who are knowledgeable about all kinds of trivia and are comfortable lecturing about it.

What are you an expert in? Is it Call of Duty, Disney movies, or the Civil War? Make a fun facts or trivia video discussing your favorite topic.

3. Uplifting stories brighten the days of millions of viewers.

The videos in the category Stories That’ll Restore Your Faith In Humanity deal with uplifting stories that happened recently. YouTubers who want to talk about recently happy events in their lives are also capable of attracting viewers to their stories.

When something good happens in your life, share the story with your viewers.

4. Life tips benefit all kinds of viewers.

Look Good, Feel Good videos involve tips on style, health, beauty, and how to live according to accentuate those qualities. For people who specialize in knowing about beauty products and styling themselves and others, they can show their knowledge to viewers who are interested in these topics.

Share your tips for better living with your viewers. Many of the most popular vloggers are beauty gurus and style experts.

5. Viewers love to hear about the latest technology.

In the category Brand-New Tech, the videos discuss recently released technology, both in what it does and how to use it. For the people who want to talk about their opinions and trivia on technology, they should be reassured that viewers will love to see their videos.

Next time you pick up a new piece of technology, give your viewers a quick review or how-to.

6. Gaming videos are a huge deal to many viewers.

Game Overload videos primarily discuss newly available video games. This category can host videos ranging from video game reviews to game trailers, so any video game fan who wants to indulge their interests can expect a fanbase to respond to their videos.

To attract plenty of viewers, film yourself playing a video game. It can be anything from Minecraft to Pokemon Go.

These are only six of the many categories available on Popular on YouTube. Anyone can have their videos popular on YouTube, so don’t feel limited by what you want to do. YouTube is a place for everyone’s creativity and diversity.

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Kevin Kwon is a recent graduate from UC Berkeley, currently 23 years old. He works in San Francisco and hopes to continue in the graduate studies regarding the field of psychology.

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