How to Create an Awesome Promotional Graphic

Creating a promotional graphic is a great way to promote yourself and show people who you are. You can make this photo your YouTube channel background, and you can also share this photo on your social media pages to boost your popularity.

Here are four tips on how to make an awesome promotional graphic.

1. Make your graphic simple, bright, and colorful.

When you’re creating your first promotional graphic, remember that it doesn’t have to be complicated. It shouldn’t contain too much information because you don’t want the photo to overwhelm your audience. This graphic can include as little as a good picture of yourself with a nice backdrop.

If you do go on the simple side, be sure to make the photo bright and colorful. Promotional graphics with vibrant colors really stand out to an audience.

Here is the YouTuber Zoella’s cover photo on her Facebook page.

2. Include your social media handles.

Another great thing to do when creating a promotional graphic is including links/handles to your websites and social media. Since promotional graphics are eye-catching, viewers will easily see the links to your other channels and will be more likely to follow and like your other pages.

3. If you’re working on a new project, feature it in your promotional graphic.

Many famous YouTubers also use promotional graphics to promote their upcoming projects, giving audience members a sneak peek at the specific work that they do.

Check out Joey Graceffa’s promotional graphic for his new YouTube Red series “Escape the Night.” This graphic is great because it also features his many YouTube co-stars and appeals to their fans as well.

4. Always include your face.

You can always enhance your promotional graphic by including your face. You are marketing yourself with this graphic, so your viewers should see what you look like. Also, graphics with pictures of people appeal to fans in a personal way.

Make sure to feature yourself in a funny pose and enthusiastic demeanor. Check out Todrick Hall’s promotional graphic, in which he features himself and advertises his newest project.

Promotional graphics are extremely helpful in increasing your online popularity because they are simple, clear, and visually appealing. If you keep your graphic simple, include social media handles, advertise upcoming projects, and include your face, then you will make an excellent promotional graphic.

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