How 3 Families Went Viral

Family is one of the most important parts of every person’s life, and everyone loves to see family members collaborating online. Here are three sets of family members and how they found success online.

1. Arthur comedically appeals to family values by joking with his baby daughter.

The famous British Viner Arthur (also known as “Angry British Guy”) has been a big success online, partly because of the Vines he creates with his young daughter. He playfully shouts at and lightheartedly teases his daughter, creating short videos that viewers love.

Arthur’s videos are popular because his daughter, like any other British baby, is absolutely adorable. Viewers also like to see the playful dynamics between the father and daughter, and they can tell that Arthur truly loves his baby, even though he constantly teases her. It’s a great idea to appeal to the viewers’ family values by creating videos with your family.

Check out this Vine, in which Arthur pretends that he loves his gaming console more than his baby.

2. The Cimorelli sisters collaborate to create complicated songs.

Cimorelli is a wildly popular a capella group composed of six sisters. Since they live so close together, they can meet up easily for rehearsals and projects. They split up the a capella parts among themselves. Since they collaborate so well, they are able to put together complicated songs.

Fans love to see the sisterly bond that the group members share. The Cimorelli sisters remind aspiring YouTube stars and musicians that collaborating with family members is convenient, appealing, and effective.

3. Lucas and Marcus Dobre complement each other in their dance videos.

Another successful family group is Lucas and Marcus Dobre, twin brothers who are popular on both Vine and YouTube. These brothers are probably best known for their dance Vines, in which they dance together in grocery stores and other public places.

Lucas and Marcus are popular because they have great dance skills, but they are especially successful because they complement each other. For example, Lucas and Marcus often do flips and rolls off of each other, and they help each other do complicated moves. They also goof around together while dancing, and viewers love to see their brotherly dynamic.

These YouTube and Vine stars show aspiring online celebrities that collaborating with your family members is a great idea. The love that you have for your family members will translate well online, and your viewers will be very happy to see it.

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