How To Create Advertiser-Friendly Content

Plenty of online creators include some sort of sponsored content on their channels. Oftentimes, companies contact the creators they want to work with directly. These brand deals help both the creator and the company make more money and gain exposure. However, in order to be the kind of creator companies want to connect with, your current content must be advertiser-friendly.

Here’s how to create advertiser-friendly content.

1. Keep your content family friendly.

As a rule of thumb, if it wouldn’t get played on daytime television, then it probably doesn’t belong on your YouTube channel. For example, if live TV show has a guest who says a vulgar word, that network will be fined by the FCC. Shows with excessively violent or explicit content, such as Game of Thrones, can only be played on premium, paid-for channels.

Imagine that each video you make is the next episode of your television show. It plays on a main network, so you need to watch your language. Because it plays in the middle of the day, you shouldn’t discuss anything that children and other sensitive populations shouldn’t hear. It’s like Ellen or The Today Show. These shows end up with huge budgets because their content is both family and advertiser-friendly.

Vlogger Lisa Schwartz recently did a sponsored video with the mobile game Alice. Though she typically uses strong language in her videos, she was careful not to swear in this one. As a result, both the company and the viewers loved what she made, and it became Lisa’s first video to hit the trending page.

2. Make sure that all of your previous sponsored videos are clearly labeled.

When companies are considering which influencers they want to work with, they may check out any other sponsored videos you’ve created. That way, they’re able to get a good idea of what you have to offer them.

For both professional and legal reasons, it’s important to make sure that all sponsored videos are properly labeled as paid promotions. If yours aren’t, then companies will not want to risk working with you. To learn how to clearly label your sponsored videos, check out this post.

British creator Phil Lester does a fantastic job of labeling his sponsored content. For this partnership with Tinder, he labeled the video as an ad in the thumbnail and at the top of its description box.

3. Have a clearly defined viewer demographic.

Your viewer demographic is who is watching your videos. It’s important to know what kind of people are watching your videos. You should know how old they are, where they’re from, and what they’re interested in.

For advertisers, it’s also important that you clearly define your demographic in the content you create. Basically, the videos you make should reflect the people watching them. Then, companies trying to reach that specific demographic will know you’re the best influencer for the job.

Dodie Clark shares her experiences as a young woman through her music. Therefore, most of her viewers are young women who can relate to her. That made her the perfect partner for the period-tracking app Clue.

Advertisers want to work with channels that represent their target demographics. In order to attract more brand deals, keep your content family friendly and show that you can create great sponsored content.

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