How To Ensure Your YouTube Channel Stays Monetized

As YouTube has recently changed its monetization policy, it’s important that you take a moment to evaluate where your channel’s at and where it’s headed. If you want to continue making money from YouTube, there are a few new guidelines your channel must meet.

Here’s how to ensure your channel stays monetized.

1. You must have one thousand subscribers by February 20th.

The first criteria that all channels must meet to retain their monetization is a subscriber count of one thousand. However, the new guidelines won’t be implemented until February 20th, so there is still time for smaller channels to grow their audiences.

If you haven’t yet reached one thousand subscribers, don’t worry. After the new policy is set into place, channels will be re-evaluated for monetization as soon as they reach that milestone. For some extra help getting there, check out this post.

2. You must have four thousand hours of watch time within the past twelve months.

The next criterion your channel must meet involves how much time viewers spend watching your videos. In order to stay monetized, each channel must have accumulated four thousand hours of watch time within the past twelve months.

In order to increase your watch time, create longer videos more frequently. You can read more about increasing your watch time here.

3. Keep your account in good standing.

The most important part of YouTube’s new policy is that all monetized channels must remain in good standing. This is to protect the community and ensure that no one is making money for the wrong reasons.

Keeping your account in good standing is fairly simple. Avoid copyright strikes by following the tips in this post. Don’t spam the comment sections of other videos with comments promoting your own channel. Create the kinds of videos you’d be proud and willing to share with your family and friends.

Monetization is the main way content creators make money on YouTube. To ensure your channel is monetized, make sure you meet these requirements.

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