How To Create A Home Studio When You Don’t Have A Lot Of Space

For many content creators, YouTube is a work-from-home job. However, that can be a challenge if your home isn’t very big. You don’t need an extra bedroom or home office to create a home filming studio, though.

Here’s how to create a home studio when you don’t have a lot of space.

Use furniture to divide a room into a personal side and a work side.

The way you arrange your furniture can designate different purposes for different areas in your home. For example, if you want to use your bedroom as a filming studio, you might put your bed in the middle. Then, the side with your closet can be the “personal side,” where you have your clothes, books, and other personal items. The other side would be the “work side,” where you keep your desk, tripod, and other filming equipment.

Alternatively, you might use your living room or dining room as a space to film. An empty corner or blank wall can become a video background. You can add a desk or even just a chair so that you have a place to work.

You can see how one creator turned her bedroom into a multipurpose office in the video below.

Treat your available resources as multipurpose tools.

To make the most of your available space, you also need to make the most of your available resources. So many of the things you use every day can actually do double duty as filming equipment. For example, your throw pillows and rugs can be sound absorption panels, and a towel can be used to block light.

Likewise, you should consider how the design of your room can improve your filmmaking. Your windows are great sources of natural light, so you should position the “work side” of the room so that sunlight will illuminate you from the side or the front rather than being behind you. You should also consider your room decor as your video background. Choose a color palette and aesthetic that coordinates with your channel branding.

Minimize the distractions in your filming space.

One of the biggest hurdles in a small filming space is the proximity of distractions. Therefore, you should do your best to limit them. For example, you might charge your phone in a different room while you’re filming, or you could hide the TV remote from yourself before you start editing.

In certain instances, you can turn your distractions into tools. For example, you can find YouTube videos that are ring lights or blank white screens at certain color temperatures. By playing these videos on a TV or laptop, you get a free light source while preventing yourself from being distracted by the fun you can have with those devices.

Check out this video to learn a few helpful tricks.

Frequently clean out the things you aren’t using.

Finally, to best utilize the space you have, you need to keep it free of clutter. Depending on the type of content you produce, you may have accumulated a lot of random products you’ve reviewed or received through sponsorships. You may also have accumulated camera accessories and other filming equipment you don’t use as much as you thought you would.

Every so often, you should do a thorough clean out of all your YouTube-related storage. Donate products you’ve reviewed or run a giveaway for your fans. Throw out expired makeup and beauty products. Sell expensive clothes that you bought for videos or events on Depop, Poshmark, or a similar fashion marketplace.

To create a home studio when you don’t have a lot of space, you need to prioritize usefulness and aesthetics over the entertainment value of things in your home. By making smart choices and preventing clutter from building up, you can create a filming space both you and your viewers will love.

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