3 Important Things Creators Can Learn From Stand-Up Comedians

Many stand-up comedians are masters of keeping an audience entertained. Their punchy, quick style of delivery can hold a crowd’s attention for over an hour. Therefore, by studying their style, content creators can learn a lot about comedy.

Here are three important things creators can learn from stand-up comedians.

1. Expert comedic timing takes practice.

No one is born with perfect comedic timing. The best comedians have been doing shows for years before they reach mainstream popularity. They got so good by practicing, and they continue to be masters of their craft through rehearsals.

Similarly, you should practice what you’re going to say before filming a video. However, you don’t have to be too formal about it. For example, if you plan to do a storytime, you might tell the story to a friend and make mental notes of how much they laugh or if they seem engaged with your delivery.

2. Joking about timely topics can help you go viral.

You probably recognize comedians like John Mulaney or Trevor Noah from their jokes that have become a part of the cultural conversation. By commenting on current events, they give people new ways to discuss relevant or trending topics. Their fans share these jokes with their own friends, helping promote the comedians’ work.

You, too, should talk about timely topics in your videos. The more original you can be, the further your message will spread. For example, John Mulaney’s “horse in a hospital” joke, which is an allusion to the American presidency, has come up in political conversations for years. Similarly, many of Saturday Night Live’s sketches and monologues have gone viral by commenting on current headlines.

3. Performing in front of a live audience can improve your stage presence.

There’s a reason so many stand-up comedians cross over into acting. Their extensive experience performing in front of live audiences gives them great stage presence. They’re comfortable on camera because they can envision how the viewers will respond.

To improve your on-camera presence, you should get up on stage. You might audition for a show at your community theater or perform at a local open mic night. If you want to start with something a bit less public, try taking an improv class or singing karaoke with your friends.

Content creators can learn a lot about delivery and timing from stand-up comedians. Study their work and apply your observations to your videos to get more laughs out of your viewers.

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