How To Create A Channel That Sponsors Love

There’s a lot of money to be had in making YouTube videos. Sponsorships and brand deals are the way that many of the most successful YouTubers really rake in the cash. By working with companies to promote their products and services in unique ways, vloggers can use their influence to help both sides make a buck. However, sponsors can be rather picky about the content creators they choose to work with. Oftentimes, they want to work with vloggers whose channels represent the brand’s ideals and goals.

AmazingPhil is one of the major channels who’ve mastered the art of landing sponsorships. Creator Phil Lester has been on YouTube for more than ten years, and he’s been making sponsored videos almost as long.

Here’s how you, too, can create a channel that sponsors love.

1. Create an atmosphere that’s warm and inviting.

Phil Lester most always has a smile on his face. He’s silly, he’s sweet, and he’s never one to spread anything but positivity. For sponsors, this is exactly the kind of personality they want promoting their products and services. Even corporate representatives who aren’t familiar with Phil’s content are thrilled to see such a bright and happy person promoting their brands.

Vloggers who like to stir up drama or tear other people down are less likely to draw the attention of a sponsor. Though larger-than-life stories and rants may be popular on YouTube, this isn’t the kind of content that brands are looking to partner with.

Phil used his love of anime to promote the streaming service Crunchyroll.

2. Keep your content family friendly.

Phil makes it a point to never swear on his channel. He carefully chooses video topics that are both appropriate and interesting for his mostly younger audience.

Sponsors shy away from creators who swear too much or discuss mature topics in their videos. To create a brand-friendly channel, you should focus on creating a family-friendly channel.

Phil’s videos are intriguing without being over-the-top.

3. Do plenty of collaborations and outside projects.

Alongside his main channel, Phil also has a side channel for livestreaming and a collaboration channel for gaming. He’s also worked in radio and on the red carpet. By having so many projects outside of his main channel, Phil has increased his sphere of influence. Sponsors have seen how much attention Phil captures, and they’ve taken notice.

In order to get a brand’s attention, you first have to have an audience. The more you do outside of YouTube, the more attention you’ll bring to your channel. You can try your hand at music, local theater performances, or even traditional blogging.

Phil filmed this sponsored video with his best friend and frequent collaborator Dan Howell.

4. Be open to different kinds of sponsorships and brand deals.

Phil isn’t really the kind of person that a viewer might envision when he or she thinks about the dating app Tinder. However, by working with Phil, Tinder was able to reach a whole new audience. Phil was also a great candidate for this sponsorship because he was able to create an interesting video that related to the service being promoted.

Not all of your sponsorships are going to be directly correlated with your content. Like Phil, you should be open to different kinds of brand deals and use your imagination to promote them in creative ways.

AmazingPhil created a brand-friendly channel by being positive and family-friendly. Follow these tips to attract more sponsors and brands to your own channel.

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