How This Group’s Latest Music Video Hit 10 Million Views In A Week

British girl group Little Mix dropped their music video for “Power” less than a week ago. As the latest in a winning streak for the girls, the video already has more than ten million views.

Here’s what made “Power” so popular.

1. They let their fans choose their next single.

Little Mix’s new album Glory Days is filled with radio-worthy tracks. However, when it came to choosing their next single, the girls listened to what their fans wanted.

The girl power anthem “Power” was the obvious choice.

2. They added a new collaborated for the single release.

Though the album version of “Power” is fire enough on its own, the girls wanted to add a little something extra for the song’s release as a single. They chose rapper Stormzy to feature on the bridge of their latest hit.

They teased the collaboration on Instagram.

Deciding who we should collaborate with on #Power in the group chat = ESSENTIAL! ????????????

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3. The video itself feature diverse and strong characters.

The “Power” music video is a beautiful representation of diversity. There are dancers and actors from all different backgrounds, and each girl is on a set that represents what makes her feel powerful. The video’s grand finale is the entrance of the women who taught Little Mix to be powerful- their mothers.

Check out the video.

Little Mix’s new music video for “Power” got ten million views in less than a week because it gave the fans what they wanted. By catering to their audience first, the girls created a video that millions of people love.

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