How To Connect With Potential Collab Partners

Collaboration videos are fun to make and one of the best ways to promote your channel to a whole new audience. However, finding other vloggers to collaborate with can be a challenge, especially if you live outside of a major city. Don’t worry, though! By utilizing social media, you can easily connect with plenty of potential collab partners.

Here’s how to connect with potential collab partners.

1. Subscribe to any creators who subscribe to you.

Oftentimes, smaller creators still grow their channels through the “sub for sub” mentality. Basically, whenever another YouTuber subscribes to your channel, you should subscribe to theirs.

Take it a step further by engaging with their content. Like their videos, leave comments, and follow them on social media if you really like what you see.

Check out this video for more ways to grow a small channel.

2. Describe your content in your social media bios.

Vloggers aren’t just YouTubers anymore. They’re also the rising stars of Instagram, Twitter, and other forms of social media. In order to attract your fellow vloggers to your social media pages, you should describe your content in your social media bios.

Your bio should be more than “vlogger.” Watch this video to learn about writing the perfect social media bio.

3. Post about YouTube frequently.

Before they check out your social media bio, other vloggers will probably see one of your posts. Therefore, you should post about the content you’re creating more than you post about anything else.

Twitter is great place to start.

4. Follow creators whose content is similar to yours.

The best way to get the attention of other vloggers is to follow them online. Find creators whose channels are similar to yours in size, content, or location. Interact with their posts. If they follow you back, connect with them through a direct message.

You can even set up your Twitter to automatically message new followers.

Once you connect with your potential collab partners via social media, reach out and establish friendships. Collabing is even more fun with your friends.

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