How To Get Your Viewers Engaged With Questions

Perhaps the best way to get your viewers engaged is to get them talking. A good way to get people talking is to keep asking questions.

Here’s how to get your viewers engaged with questions.

1. Ask questions in your videos.

The best place to get your viewers talking is in your video comments. Start a discussion by asking questions in your videos. You can either end the video with an open-ended discussion question or have viewers comment on their favorite aspect of the video.

When Wengie collaborated with Joey Graceffa, she asked her viewers to leave comments voting on which of their creations looked the best.

2. Create videos that answer questions your audience may have.

You should know your audience well enough to anticipate the kinds of questions they may be asking. Do you have an interesting lifestyle that lots of people comment on? Do your viewers turn to you for a specific type of advice? Create videos that address these popular questions.

Lifestyle vlogger Natalies Outlet has a young audience, many of who turn to her for simple beauty advice. So, she decided to help them out with a video of makeup tips for beginners.

3. Turn to social media for a Q-and-A video.

Viewers love it when you answer their questions directly. Rather than simply replying to them on social media, why not turn your favorite fan questions into a Q-and-A video?

Liza Koshy turned to social media for this popular Q-and-A.

Questions are a great way to get your audience engaged. Ask them questions, but also give them the opportunity to ask you a few, too.

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