4 Things Every YouTube Channel Must Have

Whether you’re looking at your first million subscribers in the rearview mirror or you’re just getting started, every YouTube channel has a few things in common. The choices you make about your content and your video marketing can make or break your channel.

Here are four things every YouTube channel must have.

1. Give your channel a name that stands out from the crowd.

Typically, your YouTube channel name is the same as the email address you used to create it. However, you can easily change the display name of your channel to whatever you want it to be.

Set your channel display name as something that makes you stand out from the crowd. For example, many beauty vloggers have their own names as their channel names. However, Zoe Sugg, who is one of the top beauty vloggers, stands out because her channel name “Zoella” is cute and quirky.

2. Choose a niche you’re passionate about.

If you’re just creating content for the sake of having something to upload, your videos won’t be as high-quality as they would be if you were creating content you truly cared about. To prevent creative burnout, choose a niche you’re passionate about.

YouTuber Bunny Meyer has many interests, from beauty to toy collecting. She creates videos that relate to each of her passions.

3. Decide on an upload schedule you can keep up with.

Subscribers love consistency. When you upload videos on a regular basis, your views will be more consistent as well. Therefore, you should decide on an upload schedule that you can keep up with.

Vlogger Evan Edinger doesn’t overextend himself to push out a high volume of content. Rather, he uploads one great video every Sunday afternoon.

4. Set your video marketing plan into place.

The more you work to promote your videos, the more viewers they’re likely to get. This is why you need to design a video marketing plan. Determine which social media platforms you’re going to push your videos onto and how often you’ll post about what you’re working on next.

Check out videos like this one to learn more about promoting your own videos.

Every YouTube channel should have a unique name, a niche you’re passionate about, an upload schedule you can keep up with, and a video marketing plan set into place.

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