How to Choose a Powerful Image to Represent Your Song

When you finally complete a song that you’ve been working on, sometimes the last thing you want to do is start making a music video for it. In these situations, it’s beneficial to post the song on YouTube as an audio track overlaying an image that serves as the cover art. Finding a powerful image to replace a video is important for your song’s growth.

These tips will help you choose the perfect image to represent your song.

1. Take your own photo.

If you find a photo online that someone else took, you’ll have to ask their permission before using it for your song. Avoid waiting around for their response by creating an image that fits your song perfectly. It can be as easy as taking a photo of your desk where you create your music and playing around with colors and filters.

2. Be artistic.

An artistic photo doesn’t necessarily have to be complex. After all, the point of it all is for the viewer to enjoy the song. Take a photo of something that is thought provoking and represents the feeling that you want your song to get across.

The image is merely a tool to help draw people to your song. A closeup shot of something with immense detail or powerful emotion is sure to captivate viewers.

3. Be relevant to the song but not too literal.

If your song is about dancing in the rain, the first idea that comes to mind is a picture of someone dancing in the rain. If the image you choose to represent your song is expected or cliche, it will have no positive effect on the viewer. Take advantage of the ability to provide visuals with your music on YouTube and think outside the box when choosing a photo.

4. Use an object in motion.

Since you aren’t providing a video to sell the song, a picture of someone or something in motion can be just as effective as a video. A blurry image of someone dancing or of rain hitting the concrete has a stronger effect than a still image. It gives the illusion of movement without the picture actually moving.

In the video below, a short video was slowed down enough to look like a still image. This is a great way to make a quick and effective visual to compliment your song.

5. Add text.

Place your name and the name of the song somewhere on the image to enforce what it is and who you are. This also helps you if people like your image and want to use it for something else because they will be unintentionally promoting your song.

A powerful image will help your song reach its full potential. If you don’t have time to create a video, create a strong image to represent your song.

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Corinne Rivera appreciates every type of music, which stems from her experience in dance and playing the guitar and the flute. She currently resides in San Francisco where she studies electronic communications, explores the city’s art, and attends concerts of all genres.

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