How To Maintain A Shooting Schedule

So you’ve done your research on the market you are targeting, you’ve finished all of your shooting scripts for your videos, and now all you need to do is film and edit your videos in a timely matter.

Even though this seems like a simple task, there are many moving parts to shooting a video, and if any one of those parts comes loose, then the whole production can come crumbling down.

Here are some ways to successfully maintain a shooting schedule.

1. Organize everything.

An Excel spreadsheet is a content maker’s best friend. Using a spreadsheet, you can organize all the different aspect of a shoot into an easy-to-read database complete with detailed notes. You can also add a column specifically for ticking off what is done and what is not.

While this may seem a bit overkill, you can never be too organized when it comes to filming quality content for your channel.

2. Stay in communication.

While it is possible to organize and execute every part of a shoot, it is a very difficult task to achieve. So, more than likely, you will have some help. The biggest way to keep everyone on the same page is to stay in constant communication.

Whether it means a group chat, Skype conference, or a Google doc, everyone should know everything they need to know about their job at all times.

3. Confirm moving parts.

A big part of maintaining a shooting schedule is making sure all of your moving parts are locked in- namely, people. Make sure everyone working on set knows exactly what time they are expected to show up and how long they are expected to stay. Get confirmation from your crew every day for a week leading up to the shoot so that you can be informed in case something goes wrong.

4. Give yourself time.

This is the big one. Give yourself time to repair any minor snags that may occur along the way. This means making time to find and replace people on set, time to build whatever props you may need, and time to make sure everything and everyone is working towards making the best content they can.

Although creating and maintaining a shooting schedule is a high-stress job, there are ways to help make it a little less so. Be organized, communicate everything, confirm and reconfirm people, and give yourself time to make the content you want to make. After all, you’ll only get out what you put in.

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