How to Grow Your Audience With an Email List

When creating a YouTube channel, you are creating a brand. It’s important to think of YouTube as a blogging outlet and incorporate all of the things that you would with a blog. One of the classic ways to gain popularity for any business is asking people to sign up for an e-mail list.

These tips will help you create an e-mail list that will contribute to your channel’s growth.

1. Reel them in.

The first step to creating an e-mail list is to get viewers to give you their email address. To do this, be discrete. Tell viewers that you will send exclusive content to those who sign up for the email list. If you make them feel special and more involved, they will be more likely to sign up.

2. Send emails often.

Keep your viewers engaged by sending at least three emails a week, even if you don’t have new content to share with them. You can attach anything that has to do with the theme of your channel to show your viewers how much of an expert you are in that field.

3. Offer prizes and giveaways.

The best way to keep an audience member engaged in your brand is to give them free stuff. Depending on the theme of your channel, gather some of your favorite things and create a contest for those on the email list.

4. Make every email valuable.

Don’t send pointless emails. It’s better to not send one than to send one that has no purpose. Make every email worth reading and exciting for the audience. If your viewers like your emails, they will recommend it to their friends.

Always remember that your YouTube persona is a business. One of the key ways to grow a business is to build a strong network. By creating an email list, you will promote your YouTube channel in a unique way.

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