How To Get More Views Through Search And Discovery

Your core audience accesses your videos through their subscription pages and push notifications, but new viewers find your channel through YouTube’s search and discovery features. As a creator, there are several strategies you can implement to reach more viewers this way.

Here’s how to get more views through search and discovery.

Use Premieres to get more viewers during the first twenty-four hours your video is live.

The algorithm recommends videos it thinks other viewers like. Therefore, the more people you have watching and engaging with your content on upload day, the better. Then, the algorithm will push it to more potential viewers because it thinks your audience really enjoys it.

Utilize the Premieres feature to get more views as soon as your video goes live. You can create a watch page with a live chat for viewers to participate in before your video goes live. Then, they’ll be led into the video with a countdown. This feature makes your upload feel like a special event, especially because viewers know you’ll be watching with them.

Link your videos together with playlists, cards, and end screens.

After a viewer finishes watching a video, the algorithm suggests a similar video they may enjoy. These suggestions also appear to the side of every video a viewer watches. You can get your videos suggested more often by creating links yourself to guide the algorithm.

There are several ways you can link your video together. Playlists are a great way to organize your videos by category. You can also use cards to add your own suggested video to any upload on your channel. Finally, you can use your end screen to link your previous upload or other similar videos to the current video.

Do keyword research to ensure your videos are timely.

YouTube’s algorithm uses keywords to rank your videos in the search results. By utilizing popular keywords, you can reach more viewers who are searching for specific content. In order to find the best search terms, you’ll need to conduct your own keyword research.

Google Trends is the best place to conduct your keyword research. You can enter your potential keywords to measure their search volume. The higher a keyword’s search volume, the more popular it is. Learn more about keyword research in this post.

In order to get more views through search and discovery, you need to create links between your videos and utilize popular keywords. You should also focus on getting more views from your current subscribers so the algorithm will promote your video to new viewers.

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