How to Connect With YouTube Viewers

It’s hard connecting with subscribers as an online content creator because you can’t simply reach through the screen and interact with them. However, don’t forget that you literally live on the Internet!

Take advantage of today’s advanced technology and make every effort to connect directly with your fans. Here are a few ways you can do that.

1. Q&A’s

Q&A’s are a great way to involve your subscribers because it requires them to actively ask you questions. Whether it’s by tweeting you, sending video responses, commenting on your video or other social media outlets, they’re making the effort to participate in your video. You, in response, break the fourth wall by reading their questions and replying either immediately or in a video. Many subscribers will love this because they will know that you care about them and appreciate their support. It would be even better if you added pictures of their questions with their usernames.

Sichen makes sure to do Q&A videos once in awhile because she always reads through fan comments on her videos and Instagram, and she wants to “speak” with her followers. So, in these sit-down videos, she creates a relaxed, casual atmosphere to converse with her subscribers. She also involves them by creating a giveaway at the end of the video, which leads to the next point.

2. Giveaways/contests

Giveaways and contests are great because they’re small tokens of appreciation you give to your subscribers. Most people make these contests for special occasions, such as celebrating one million subscribers. In videos announcing the giveaway, start by thanking your subscribers for their constant support. The gifts, such as technology, makeup, decor, etc., are symbols of gratitude. The best thing about giveaways is that they also require active participation by fans.

The great thing about this giveaway is that the YouTuber actually reads through the entries. People love hearing this because it makes them feel much more involved.

3. Featuring your subscribers in videos

As much as people love seeing you on the screen, it would mean so much to them if you consciously tried to involve them in your videos as well. One way of doing this is by featuring them in videos! Whether it’s vlogging fans you meet on the street, filming meet and greets, using their own video intros, or adding their tagged Instagram photos at the end of every video, your subscribers will love it. You can’t always physically be with them, but putting them in your videos is the next best thing.

At the beginning of every video, Louis Cole adds in a submitted clip of subscribers introducing themselves with their names and where they’re from.

4. Replying to comments

As mentioned in a previous post, replying to comments is a great and easy way to directly interact with subscribers online. They love to know that you actually read their comments and suggestions, and this helps maintain a bond between content creator and fan, which is often hard to do.

Sometimes it’s hard to really interact with your subscribers because you primarily put yourself up on the Internet, and people watch you through a screen. However, there are ways to take advantage of this tech-focused society. The above tips will help you break the fourth wall of YouTube and actively interact with your fans.

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