How Kanye West Became a Business Mogul

From rap star to fashion extraordinaire, Kanye West is perhaps the most talked about person in the media. While there is a vast range of feelings towards his methods of self-promotion, it cannot be denied that he is border line genius in business marketing. Call him what you will, but there is something everyone can learn from West, especially aspiring YouTube stars.

Incorporate these aspects into video production and self-promotion to stand out in the sea of YouTube videos.

1. Don’t get comfortable.

If you are comfortable in the content you are making, then you are not working hard enough. West is always one to step outside of the box. His music, publicity stunts, and business ventures get bigger and better every single time.

Find ways to test your abilities in order to reach a new level of skill and always make your new projects better than the last one.

2. Find a way into every market.

West has established a powerful position in the world of fashion. Who would’ve thought the rapper who once wore a pink polo would create the most influential modern fashion trends? To go even further, recent rumors suggest a collaboration with Ikea. Could you imagine sitting on a Kanye West couch, wearing Kanye West clothes, while listening to Kanye West music? Extreme. Takeover.

Don’t get too excited, though. In order to successfully merge into different markets, you must firmly establish your position in one. Stick to providing content for one target audience before you try to merge into another.

3. Organize a timeline.

Every wild thing West has done was strategically worded and planned to cause the most beneficial effect. Contrary to some popular opinion, he is completely in control and aware of what he is doing.

When taking risks, it is crucial to calculate every possible outcome beforehand. West proves that timing is everything. Study your target audience to determine the best time to release content.

4. Believe in yourself.

As cliché as it sounds, having confidence in your abilities and following your heart will lead to greatness. Kanye West is the epitome of confident. No matter how many people hate him, he keeps moving forward.

Focus on what you want to accomplish and be strong while pursuing it.

Kanye West is a rising entrepreneur who is paving a new path for the business world.

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