How to Brainstorm Ideas For New Videos

When you check out any popular YouTube channel, it can seem like the creator has an endless number of unique ideas. However, much like you, that content creator struggled to come up with all of those awesome video ideas.

Here are four ways to brainstorm new video ideas the next time you’re stuck.

1. Check out the trends.

Trends are great because they’re something that most everyone is interested in. Find inspiration in the trending Facebook stories or Twitter hashtags of the week. Turn on your TV to see what’s in the news. Skim through a magazine to get an idea of what’s coming up next.

Kylie Jenner is one of the biggest names in beauty today. Videos about her liquid lipsticks get thousands of views every single day because interested buyers want to know if the products are worth the price tag or what the different shades look like when worn. In this video, a popular YouTuber reviewed Kylie’s latest makeup release. It received more than 100,000 views within six hours.

2. Ask your viewers what they want to see next.

By asking your viewers what they’d like to see next, you’ll increase your audience engagement as well as get lots of amazing ideas. When you make a new kind of video, ask your viewers to click like if they want to see more of that kind of video. In the call to action of a different video, ask them to comment below with ideas for videos they’d like to see next. When your viewers feel involved, they’ll be more likely to watch your videos.

Watch what happened when this YouTuber asked his viewers for video ideas!

3. Start a new series.

The great thing about a video series is that it never has to end. If you have one idea that you know you can get a lot out of, why not keep it going? You could start a series about testing unusual products, baking desserts inspired by your favorite television show, or trying on different lipsticks.

After Niki and Gabi’s first celebrity parody sketch got millions of hits, their fans begged for more. The girls decided to make it into a series.

4. Throw it back to an older video.

Your longtime subscribers likely remember your first few videos. Why not indulge in a little nostalgia with a throwback video? “Reacting to old videos” is an increasingly popular video idea. If you published a vlog about a project you were working on or a situation that you were involved with, then why not post an updated version to keep viewers up to speed?

Watch this popular YouTuber react to her old videos.

Coming up with new video ideas is as easy as checking social media trends or watching your old videos. Next time you’re stuck for a video idea, try out one of these tips.

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