How Demi Lovato Keeps Growing as an Artist

Demi Lovato didn’t go from Disney darling to pop queen in the blink of an eye. She overcame every personal and professional obstacle that came her way on her rise to the top. Better yet, Demi continues to grow and change as an artist, never letting anything hold her back.

Here’s how Demi Lovato keeps growing as an artist, and you can, too.

1. Take control of your own narrative.

Demi Lovato’s name is as synonymous with her struggles as it is with her music. Ever since her late teens, Demi has undergone a very public battle with mental health, addiction, and self-harm. However, the singer worked long and hard to defeat her demons, symbolizing her victory with the “Stay Strong” tattoo on her wrist.

Now, Demi uses her story to fuel her music. Her 2011 album Unbroken is a strong example of how to take control of your own narrative. Only Demi Lovato has the right to decide what she choices she will make and where she’s going in life.

By taking control of her own narrative, Demi earned the undying loyalty of millions of fans. She secured a place for herself as a role model, a title that she continues to honor. By taking control of your own narrative, you will make your music your own as well as become someone your fans can look up to.

2. Give a voice to those who have been suppressed.

The influence of her personal struggles doesn’t stop with Demi’s music. Rather, she uses her spotlight to speak up for those who haven’t always been able to speak for themselves. Her dedication to mental health issues was honored at the National Children’s Health Awareness Day in 2013. She spoke about mental health issues at the 2016 Democratic National Convention, too.

By speaking up about issues she cares about, Demi has grown as a person as well as an artist. She shows that she cares about more than herself and her music, which will attract listeners who may have otherwise brushed her off as merely another pretty voice.

Demi Lovato is also an advocate for the LGBT community. In 2014, she served as Grand Marshal for LA Pride Week. She was also the face of Human Rights’ Campaign’s Americans for Marriage Equality Campaign. Demi dedicated her “Really Don’t Care” music video to the LGBT community.

3. Don’t be afraid to experiment with your look.

Demi Lovato is well-known as a hair chameleon, never keeping her long locks the same color for very long. She’s never afraid to try something new, whether it’s bombshell blonde or a wild blue.

Experimenting with your look helps you find who you are. Demi Lovato’s rainbow strands complement her edgy style and outgoing personality more than her straight across Camp Rock bangs ever did.

Check out this video following Demi’s hair evolution since 2008.

4. Never let your music get stuck in a rut.

Demi Lovato’s first two albums were pure Disney Channel pop rock. However, as she got older, Demi stepped away from the heavy drums and more towards the synthesizer. As she matured, so did her music. No two Demi Lovato albums sound alike.

Demi’s latest album,Confident, shows an entirely new side of the singer. Her new music isn’t afraid to push the boundaries or tackle difficult subject matter. If Demi had tried to stay in the same mold, then she wouldn’t have reached the level of success that she has today.

5. Know when it’s time to move on.

Demi Lovato recorded five studio albums with Hollywood Records before deciding to start a label of her own. Though she’s seen massive success with her former label, she now wants to see what she can do for other artists. In late 2015, the singer announced that she was starting a new artist-centric label in partnership with fellow Camp Rock alum Nick Jonas. Safehouse Records will release Demi’s future music in partnership with both Island Records and Hollywood Records.

This isn’t the first time that Demi has moved on from a successful project to do what was best for herself and her career. After completing treatment at a mental health care facility, she quit her Disney Channel show Sonny With A Chance to give herself time to recover and pursue music full time.

Pop superstar Demi Lovato never stops growing as an artist or as a person. By emulating these points in her career, you’ll learn how to keep your music moving.

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