What Every Channel Needs To Attract Potential Video Sponsors

When a company decides to sponsor a video, they want to work with creators whose viewers have the highest potential of turning into customers. However, they also carefully choose channels that uphold the same values as the company does.

To attract potential video sponsors, your channel needs three things.

1. Have a clearly defined demographic.

A sponsorship is most successful when the creator and the company have the same target audience. Use the analytics page in your Creator Studio to find your personal demographics report.

Once you know what kind of people you’re reaching, make more videos that appeal to people of that age range or from that region. These videos will show potential sponsors that you’re the best way to reach their target audience.

For example, DanAndPhilGAMES reaches a lot of teenage viewers, so the boys play a lot of newly released games or trending apps. Many of their sponsored videos are partnerships with mobile apps that are trying to get more teenagers to play their game.

2. Keep your audience super engaged.

Another good indicator that your viewers will buy products from a brand you work with is their level of engagement. Having more likes and comments on your videos shows companies that your audience is receptive to what you have to say and will act on it.

Many vloggers boost their audience engagement by setting like challenges or telling viewers to comment specific things. Wengie keeps her viewers super engaged by encouraging them to press like and leave comments throughout the entire video.

3. Make sure your content is advertiser-friendly.

YouTube has very specific rules about which videos can be monetized. Generally, those that can be are labeled “advertiser-friendly.” Learn how to keep your content suitable for advertisers here.

Brands will likely choose monetized creators over unmonetized. If your videos routinely pass YouTube’s guidelines, then sponsors can safely assume your online presence will represent their company well.

Potential video sponsors are looking for channels that reach a certain audience and represent the same values as the company upholds. Create advertiser-friendly content for a specific demographic to increase your chances of attracting a video sponsor.

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