How to Become a Video Game Composer

The music industry offers many opportunities for people who love to play and compose music. One job may be best suited to those people who hold a love for not only music but video games as well.

Becoming a video game composer can be a worthwhile career prospect, but how would you get started?

1. Know what you want to do.

Any musician would already know that he or she should find a specialty, a specific genre that he or she loves and wants to perform in. This is crucial in the world of video game composing as well, but there is the added requirement of knowing what kind of game you want to work on. You’ll likely have specific wants, such as the game genre, how much plot it has, what company to work for, and so on.

Nobuo Uematsu is a famous composer who worked on the Final Fantasy series, for example.

2. Polish up your skills.

Work on your skills in composing and playing music. You also have to expect that you will have to edit your pieces depending on what your bosses want.

Remember that as a video game composer, you will be reporting to others who want your music to fit the game they are creating.

3. Go out there and find that project.

After you’ve made your preparations and created a few of your own tracks for potential interviewers to hear, you have to find the video game project that needs your talent. Generally, game projects are in development for a year before they need composers.

Just email the sound director in charge of the project with your work and if they like it, they’ll contact you.

For example, here is an original composition.

Becoming a video game composer can be a great experience for the musicians out there who also love video games. It can be a challenge to find the right genre and game to work on, but that is true of any other job. It just requires patience and persistence until your career can get started.

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