How Musicians Can Beat Depression

The path to becoming a musician requires a lot of hard work and dedication. Because musicians stand against insurmountable obstacles on a daily basis, there is an increased rate of depression for those in the music industry. Help Musicians UK published a study stating that musicians were three times more likely to suffer from depression compared to the public.

So, what can musicians do to keep themselves out of depression and on the road to success?

1. Start out with small goals, then work your way up.

One of the major factors behind depression may be the feeling that you are working so hard on your music while being worried that it may be all for nothing. However, it would be better to start by planning out and achieving minor goals, such as creating a video or joining a local band.

As you achieve minor goals, you can start thinking bigger, feeling more confident because of what you’ve accomplished.

2. Find close support among loved ones.

Being a musician also involves wanting others to listen to your music, believing that you are defined by your music. However, that is not the case, and thinking it is so can lead to depression if you face rejection.

That’s why it is important to find people who will unconditionally support you, such as your friends and family. They can be honest with you, you can accept their criticism and find support, and they can help you have fun with music and move on from rejection.

3. Take some time off and rest.

The music industry can be extremely difficult to work in, given the hours involved and the incredible stress. Sometimes, instead of continuing to wear yourself out, it is better to step back from your career and take time off.

If you are not achieving the success you want after a long time, it is better to take some time for yourself and think about where you plan to go in life.

The music industry can lead to depression given the various problems involved. Dealing with depression is an incredible struggle and requires fortitude and happiness. The important thing is not to be successful, but to be happy in your job.

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