How to Use Movie Clips to Get Views

If you were to go on YouTube, you might find quite a few videos that display scenes from movies. This kind of content is actually the kind that went against the initial purpose of the site, for people to display original videos of their own. It also tends to be an issue with copyright laws.

Yet these kinds of videos can be very popular.

1. Early videos pique curiosity.

Depending on when the movie was released, it may only be available in theaters and not on DVD or Blu-Ray. The advantage of online clips is that viewers can repeatedly watch the movie without having to go through the hassle of leaving their houses.

Never underestimate the power of viewer laziness, especially for action-packed movies like the clip below.

2. Favorite scenes become easily accessible.

A second advantage of YouTube movie clips is that it allows the viewer to repeatedly watch their favorite scenes without the problem of going to the theater and having to watch the whole film again. In the age of the Internet, people gravitate toward instant access in as little time as possible.

YouTube videos can provide that, such as the below scene from a Marvel superhero movie.

3. Movie clips are easier for friends to find.

The power of social media hinges on people communicating instantly and easily with their friends online. Movies can become popular through social media if people reference them to their friends.

Recommending movies to friends becomes much easier and successful if they are given clips that they can play on their own, instead of having to go out and watch or buy said film.

Movie clips are quick and easy for viewers to watch, which makes them popular on YouTube. Despite the problems involved in uploading and maintaining them, such as potential copyright crackdown, people still gravitate toward them for entertainment, because it’s the easy way.

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