How to Be Confident on Camera

For many content creators, the most nerve-wracking thing about YouTube is talking in front of a camera. However, just like any performer would tell you, stage fright can and should be overcome.

Follow these tips to feel confident on camera.

1. Sit up straight.

The first step to feeling confident is looking the part. The most confident-looking people are the ones who stand or sit up straight. Think of a supermodel or a Presidential candidate; these people would lose credibility if they slouched.

Beauty guru Loey Lane is cool and confident with her lovely posture.

2. Pretend you’re talking to your best friend.

You’re probably not very shy around the people you feel closest to. In order to loosen up on camera, pretend that you’re talking to your best friend.

Vlogger Tana Mongeau exudes confidence as she talks to her subscribers the same way she would with her close friends.

3. Wear something comfortable.

You don’t have to be red carpet ready to feel your best. Dress in whatever you’re most comfortable in. The less fancy you are, the more at-home your viewers will feel.

Grav3yardgirl often wears old t-shirts and shorts when filming.

4. Don’t worry about being perfect.

The main key to being confident on camera is let go of the notion that everything has to go perfectly. When you mess up, keep going. Mistakes make you human.

No matter how many times his DIYs flop, Joey Graceffa keeps a smile on his face.

To be confident on camera, sit up straight, pretend like you’re talking to your best friend. wear something comfortable, and don’t worry about being perfect. Once you feel comfortable in your own skin, your confidence will shine on camera.

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