3 Great Ideas for Your Next Music Video

Now that your next single is ready to release, it’s time to promote it with an awesome video. Here are three great ideas you can use for your next music video.

1. Put on skit with your squad.

Combine your powerful music and strong friendships with a mini movie showcasing your team. You can recreate a favorite film, reinvent a common troupe, or come up with a unique plot line of your own.

Taylor Swift’s “Bad Blood” is like a summer blockbuster starring all of her friends.

2. Take it back where it all began.

If your song is about a certain place, then you should set your music video there. Go back to your hometown, high school, or the movie theater where you had your first date.

Demi Lovato’s “Waitin For You” was filmed at the middle school where she first dealt with bullies.

3. Learn to dance.

A new music video is a great opportunity to learn a new style of dance. Take a class or work with a choreographer to learn some new moves.

Ed Sheeran learned how to ballroom dance for his “Thinking Out Loud” video.

A music video is one of the best ways to showcase your latest song. Use one of these ideas to make your next video the best that it can be.

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Kristen Harris enjoys listening to a wide range of music, from Taylor Swift to, on occasion, Celtic instrumental. She also spends her time writing, reading, and baking.

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