How to Discover Creative Video Ideas

Once you’ve established a steady channel on YouTube, there may be a time when you hit a creative block. This is common for YouTubers that have either been posting for a long time or have posted countless videos. All creators get stuck on new ideas sometimes.

Here are some ways to find creative new ideas for videos.

1. Take a step back. 

Nowadays, many people can get sucked so far into the Internet that they forget that inspiration comes from experiences. When you’ve hit a creative block, don’t search for ideas online. Take a step away from your devices and disconnect for a bit. This will allow you to experience daily activities that can turn into video ideas.

2. Think about what you’d want to see. 

At the end of the day, your channel should be a reflection of your passion. Therefore, when thinking about video ideas, try to figure out what you’d like to watch. By simply reflecting on things that make you happy, you may find an idea that will make your audience happy.

3. Talk to people around you. 

Call family members and meet up with friends to get inspiration for videos. These comfortable, natural interactions will relax your mind and allow you to reconnect with your thoughts more clearly. Ask them what they love to see and incorporate it in videos.

It’s common and often frustrating to be stuck on video ideas. By taking a step away from deep thoughts, you’ll allow yourself to think of enjoyable content to post.

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