What You Can Learn From This Strange Japanese YouTube Show

Begiragons is a channel from Japan featuring three lovable characters who come up with and execute strange game show concepts. The channel has almost 400 videos, each gaining about 100,000 views. The success of the channel is great, but the unique way they go about it is worth discussing.

Here’s why Begiragons is so successful.

1. They do odd, never-before-seen challenges.

From staying awake for as long as possible to building and living in a bamboo hut, Begiragons has done it all. Their channel thrives on the ridiculousness of the mini-series.

While the concept of doing challenges is reminiscent of shows such as Kenny Vs Spenny, the fact that they are exclusively on YouTube makes it both unique and replicable by anyone with a camera and a little creativity.

2. They add twists to every challenge.

Just staying awake for 100 hours (not really humanly possible, but they tried) isn’t enough to make a good series. To make things more interesting, they added a caveat. Every hour, the subject had to roll a die that would decide what he ate, what activity he had to do, and what he had to wear.

Each item was related to sleep, either making him more sleepy or keeping him awake. By tying the twist to the theme, they made the challenge that much more interesting and impossible. Each series follows this model of making things harder than they would be to make the show more engaging.

3. They celebrate cultural significance.

Most of the series take place in Japan, and they certainly take advantage of the culture by basing them on culturally significant concepts.

In one show, they stopped at every vending machine they pass for a couple miles, calling attention to the fact that Tokyo has an excessive amount of machines. In another, they drove along a famous highway in Japan sporting ridiculous outfits that were not fit for the weather conditions.

Their greatest, most successful show took place in LA, where they flipped the script and focused on American culture. In the series, they ate a burger from every large fast food restaurant chain in town. The challenge was hilarious and pointed out the divide between food culture of America and Japan.

Begiragons, along with their other channel, Megwin TV, is successful thanks to their creativity and ability to make the mundane interesting. Anyone can follow this same formula and make an entertaining channel.

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Gabriel Dufurrena is a mathematician, writer, and educator living in Oakland, CA. When he’s not watching YouTube videos or teaching math, he’s getting into shenanigans with his other writer friends.

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