How To Be A More Productive Content Creator

As a content creator, you’re likely self-employed. When you’re in charge of setting your own deadlines and career goals, finding motivation may be challenging. However, procrastination can cost you.

Here are a few tips for being a more productive content creator.

Focus on the quality of your work rather than the quantity.

You may be tempted to increase the frequency of your uploads in order to get more views. However, what many creators don’t realize is that one great video is better than a week of mediocre daily uploads.

Shift your focus to the quality of your work rather than the quantity. Concentrate on making each new video better than the last. Learn more about lighting, camera lenses, and editing tricks. As a result, you will be prouder of each new video, inspiring you to keep working hard.

Your fans will appreciate the increased effort you’re putting into your content as well. They’ll enjoy longer, higher quality videos instead of watching a few minutes of a daily upload and getting bored.

Establish a work schedule for yourself.

As a creator, you may decide when to work based on when inspiration strikes. This is not a good model to follow for productivity, as it can lead to an irregular upload schedule or videos that are thrown together last-minute.

To combat procrastination, establish your own work schedule. Determine certain “office hours” during which you’ll get things done. You may also assign different tasks to different days, such as filming on Mondays and editing on Tuesdays.

Write your work schedule in a planner or calendar. You might break each day down further with a to-do list or a set of daily goals. Be sure to schedule days off for yourself every week as well.

You can also adjust your working hours to fit the time of day you feel most productive. For example, if you consider yourself a night owl, then getting started at eight in the morning might not work for you. Instead, you could set your working hours from noon to eight at night.

Keep your work space neat and organized.

Working in a messy environment can stress you out or distract you. So, before you start working, ensure your space is neat and orderly. It may help to make sure chores like laundry and dishes are done the night before so you can’t do them when you should be working on a video.

If you can, establish a workstation for yourself. It could be anything from a customized home office to a corner of the dining table you commandeer for a few hours every day. Organize this space to hold any equipment you need, such as your laptop and SD cards.

Overall, the space where you do your work should signal to your brain that it’s time to be productive. Even if you film from your bed, don’t edit there. Be away from the TV, your cellphone, and other people who live with you if you can.

In order to be a more productive content creator, establish a workstation and working hours for yourself. Focus on the quality of your videos rather than the quantity so you can be proud of the work you’re doing.

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