Do These 3 Things To Involve Fans In Making Your Videos

Oftentimes, fans love nothing more than to feel involved. The more you can include them in the process of making your videos, the more excited they’ll be when you upload.

There are more ways to involve your fans in videos beyond shout-outs or challenges like “viewers pick my makeup.” You can get creative and get them involved in important channel decisions.

Do these three things to involve fans in making your videos.

Ask them to help choose your video thumbnails.

A video’s thumbnail is a potential viewer’s first impression. Every subscriber you have currently had to see one of your thumbnails for the first time before becoming a fan. Therefore, they’re the experts on the most effective thumbnails for your channel.

You can get your fans to help you choose your video thumbnails by creating polls. First, mock up at least two potential thumbnail designs. Then, share both and ask your followers to help you decide which one to go with.

For example, vlogger Natalia Taylor asked her Instagram followers to help her decide on her video thumbnail the day before she uploaded it. She had them pick from either the top or bottom option with an Instagram story poll.

Get their insight when you’re feeling indecisive.

Need to make a decision concerning a video but can’t make up your mind? You can turn the decision over to you audience to get input from another perspective. They can help you make up your mind based on what they think is best.

You can ask simple questions through social media polls. Such features are available on Instagram stories, Twitter, Facebook, and your YouTube community page. You can also post an open-ended question through a simple post or Instagram story question sticker.

For example, English YouTuber Dodie was conflicted about which channel she should upload her next video to. So, she used an Instagram story poll to see where her fans thought the video would fit best.

Invite them to submit questions or topics for future videos.

Finally, you can involve your viewers in making your videos by letting them help determine what your future videos will be about. You can ask them to submit questions for interviews, topics to cover, or challenges to undertake.

If you already have a few video ideas in mind, create a poll so your viewers can help you narrow it down to the best one. However, if you want more input, leave your question open-ended so they can reply with original ideas of their own.

Creator Anthony Padilla has a video series based on interviews. So, before he films, he uses his YouTube community page to ask his subscribers for questions he should ask his next round of guests.

In order to drive audience engagement, you should involve your fans in making your videos as much as you can. Follow these tips, and share your own in the comments!

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