How To Become A Better Drummer

Drummers are some of the most charismatic and skilled members of a band. Is that why they’re so popular with the fans? One thing’s for certain – at the heart of a great band lies a great drummer. If you haven’t reached that threshold – or simply want to improve – practice these techniques during your next session.

Hold Your Sticks The Correct Way FOR YOU

This seems to be the simplest – yet most overlooked – aspect of drumming. If you’re holding your sticks in a way that hurts your fingers or wrists – try something different. Experiment with different methods. Remember, always keep your grasp at the stick’s fulcrum to get bouncier strikes and easier rolls.

Improve Your Posture

If you’re always hunched over while playing – you won’t be able to play a full concert without having some serious back pain! Try sitting up straight! This will make it easier to roll from left to right and use the full range of your kit. Below, Jason Gianni gives us a thorough run down.

Use Drumheads That Match Your Music Genre

Consider switching the thickness of your drumheads depending on the music you’re playing. Jazz and light rock genres tend to favor thin, single-ply heads. Heavy metal and hip-hop players will opt for the durability of thicker, double-ply heads.

Learn Some New Techniques

Ever heard of Buddy Rich’s legendary way of holding drum sticks for lightning-fast strikes? Or Ringo Starr’s famous hi-hat swipe? Legendary drummers are revered for a reason. Skill, speed, and flair can have a major effect on your strengths. Try some new techniques and add flavor to your own percussion.

And, of course, have fun! In the life of a percussionist, there’s never a humdrum day.

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