5 Mistakes Musicians Make On Their Website

A website is an incredibly powerful promotion tool. When people access your internet page, it’s important to captivate their attention – and not give them a reason to hit the back button. Here are five mistakes that are making your website unattractive.


Although not uncommon, having content play automatically is one of the most annoying features your page can have. That is unless you give visitors a choice. The song should be playing from a pausable media player, and obvious enough for the viewer to click on it. Just because you like the background song – doesn’t mean the rest of the world necessarily does. Don’t turn people off before they even get a chance to sift through your website.

Not Writing A Good Band Bio

Those who visit your website want to get familiar with your music. Therefore, it’s a wasted opportunity if you publish content that doesn’t convey any meaning. Many artists make the mistake of writing descriptions like “indie band from San Francisco with a unique sound”. When people access your site, it’s because they want to know your story. This interest gets lost if your band description can’t be discerned from anyone else’s webpage.

Outdated Content

Many fans want to know your current whereabouts, so they know when to expect your next album – or your next tour. It’s important that important information is updated as frequently as possible. Its 2015 – don’t have info about your tour that happened in 2013. Ultimately, your webpage needs as much traffic as possible – but if the content isn’t fresh – people aren’t going to visit a second time.

Lack Of Interaction

Fans want to support you in your music endeavors. Therefore, it’s discouraging for them if providing feedback feels like they’re talking to a brick wall. Let your fans know their voices are being heard. Respond to their questions. Thank them for their feedback. This will make them feel appreciated and strengthen their loyalty. Furthermore, reading the comments and asking questions to your fans can help you improve.

Bloated Pages

When people visit your website – they expect to easily find what they’re looking for. It is important to divide your content in clear sections, so people can easily find information. A ton of information on your main page will just make things foggier.

The front page should only be reserved for your top priorities. For example, if you play few live shows, it doesn’t make sense to dedicate a section of the main page to just tour dates. Keep it simple and make your site as user friendly as possible.

A website should be the best way musicians build a following. Implement these tips to get the most out of your band’s webpage!

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Bernardo Ruiz is an amateur photographer, curious traveler and passionate drummer who loves live music. He spends most of his time just trying to enjoy life.

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