How to Avoid Losing Subscribers on YouTube

Superwoman, Smosh , and Lisa Eldridge would be nowhere without their fans. For musicians, make-up artists, vloggers, or anyone else using YouTube to market their brand, keeping a steady fan base is the key to success!

In order to enthrall fans, YouTubers should exercise the following points:

1. Interact with the audience.

Building a relationship with viewers is essential to a successful channel because this will create loyalty and encourage personal investment between YouTube creators and viewers. Jenna Marbles asks for and responds to viewer requests weekly. This feeds a faithful fan.

YouTube users can build relationships with viewers by responding to comments and/or staying connected with them on social media.

2. Do not post pointless videos.

Each video should have a purpose and significance to the YouTube users’ channel. Posting videos that have little or no relevance causes you to lose credibility, which in turn, will make watching your videos unworthy of viewers’ time. Define your channel’s objective and stay focused on this path.

Michelle Phan steadily posts make-up tutorial videos.

3. Be consistent.

YouTube musicians, make-up artists, vloggers, etc. need to post videos consistently. YouTubers can be consistent by choosing one day of the week to post their videos and stay devoted to this schedule.

By consistently posting videos, you will stay fresh in viewers’ minds, keeping you relevant in the world of YouTube.

Comedian, Biswa Kalyan, uploads a video every other week.

4. Be a team player.

Don’t be competitive by posting nasty, competitive comments on YouTube videos or criticizing fellow YouTubers’ videos. As someone trying to market a brand, all YouTubers need to present themselves as likeable, relatable people to their audience. Be a team player! This will lead to a loyal fan base, and who knows, maybe a video collaboration with another fellow YouTuber.

There are millions of other YouTubers with the same goal, making them easily replaced, so take care of your reputation! Do not post videos hastily, be supportive, connect and beware of inconsistency.

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